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canjoyn 18K Gold Silver Pave Full CZ Grillz 8 Teeth Top and Bottom Grillz + Extra 2 Molding Bars - B08FQTC4JV

  • 1.ONE SIZE FIT MOST PEOPLE: Our molding bars could fit the grillz according to the shape of your teeth after adjusting the grillz.

  • 2.FINEST MATERIAL: Grill mouthpiece set is electroplated 3 times white gold plating over environmental brass so it will never tarnish or change color easily and is safe to health.

  • 3、Suitable for all occasions: Our dazzling Grillz can be perfect for any occasion, such as halloween costume, costume party, music concert and birthday party etc.

  • 4、This dental stuff gives your teeth the upgraded look they deserve! Wear it for a photo shoot, video shoot, to the club, or just for everyday use.

  • 5、Also you can buy it as a gift or surprise for your friend, which will be a so much fun.

  • Hip hop teeth are an excellent accessory for hip hop rapper costume fashion collocation. Most people wear with other jewelry to get a shine and personalized